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The Jamestown Sanitary District provides sewer collection and treatment within the serviced boundaries within Jamestown, California.  See link to map below.

Monthly Service Fees

The Jamestown Sanitary District Board of Directors held a Public Hearing on Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. PST in the District Board room at 18351 Main Street, Jamestown, CA and approved a necessary fiscal five-year funding plan to help pay for the operations and maintenance of the existing facility, infrastructure, future construction and to comply with all State and Federal wastewater permitting and guidelines.

The Jamestown Sanitary District implemented the adopted the following rate plan as effective on July 1st of each year according to the Board of Directors approved five-year rate structure.

Base Classification - Equivalent Single-Family Residence (ESFR)

7-1-2016 $49.15

7-1-2017 $57.25

7-1-2018 $65.35

7-1-2019 $73.45

7-1-2022 $81.55  Previously scheduled for July 1, 2021  

Important Information ~ Please Read 

All serviced customers are responsible for paying monthly sewer service fees as billed on their account for provided sewer service. Monthly service fees are required for the maintenance of our wastewater treatment facility and collection system in order to serve you efficiently under required health and safety guidelines.

Each serviced property within the serviced boundaries area of the Jamestown Sanitary District is required to pay a base monthly capacity service fee set for each property in order to stay connected to the Districts' sewer system. Demand factors for monthly fee for businesses and multiple unit dwellings are calculated from the base rate (ESFR).

Sewer service fees are billed on the first of each month and are due upon receipt. We do not third-party bill for tenants or property management companies and it is property owner’s responsibility for all sewer service-related fees.

June 2016


Jamestown Sanitary District Service Boundaries Area Map 2019.pdf